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How would you like to connect with others who are affected by Spina Bifida? Volunteering is a great way to connect!

The SBA of CA needs your help! If you want to invest your time and talents in an organization that is helping people affected by Spina Bifida, then we have a place for you!

Volunteering for the SBA of CA means that you have an opportunity to help others while you:

  • Make a meaningful difference in your community
  • Help people living with Spina Bifida
  • Have flexible options and opportunities that fit your schedule and life
  • Build relationships that last a lifetime
  • Learn and grow personally

The SBA of CA uses the support of volunteers to assist with health fairs, educational opportunities, community outreach, translation of materials, etc. We always need help, and you can take part in many different ways—how long and how many activities are up to you! We are very flexible!

Get involved and connected to the Spina Bifida Community! Volunteer, join a committee, or get involved in other ways:

  • Organize a fundraiser—you can volunteer to organize your own fundraiser or get your company involved in the mission of the SBA of CA.
  • Provide pro bono services—you can provide pro bono services for the Chapter.
If you are interested in volunteering or getting involved, please email Breanne Walter at or call her at 310-359-9611.



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